Invisible Barriers: Moving Images publication (9/29/2016) - Launch of ‘Draw Down the Walls’ publication ‘Invisible Barriers: Moving Images’, took place at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Belfast, Wednesday 22 June 2016. The book is a fully illustrated record of the stories behind the Invisible Barriers project and the 5 commissioned films facilitated and directed by Zhenia Mahdi-Nau and includes an introduction by […]
Draw Down the Walls Invisible Barriers: Moving Images (7/10/2016) - Good to see some press coverage after an amazing three day film festival hosted by Belfast Film Festival and Golden Thread Gallery that screened all five films I made for Invisible Barriers: Moving Images project with groups in Belfast.
My Photographs featured on BuzzFeed (6/20/2014) - Kind of cool to have so many of my pictures from the Anti-Racism Rally in Belfast a few weeks ago featured on BuzzFeed
Great mention in the Irish News today (6/10/2014) - Thank to the wonderful Anna Hailes who has been so supportive of Tapestry of Colours and my work. She wrote a fantastic article that features the Tapestry of Colours Education. Love how she has linked the Giro D’Italia to my work! You can read the full article here
My Photographs featured on the Belfast Telegraph website (6/1/2014) - Very nice to have so many of my pictures from the Anti-Racism Rally in Belfast yesterday featured on the Belfast Telegraph website
Tapestry of Colours – Derry Post (5/26/2013) - This article appeared in Derry Post in March after the screening in Magherafelt. The following is an excerpt from the article… “Speaking following the film, Sean Henry, Good Relations Officer for Magherafelt District council said that the choice of people in the film and their experiences was amazing. This film, he said can teach viewers […]
Tapestry of Colours – Coleraine Times (5/26/2013) - This article appeared in Coleraine Times after the screening at the Flowerfield Arts Centre on 20 May 2013.
Tapestry of Colours – Radio interview on IurFM (5/22/2013) - I’ll be on IurFM radio talking about Tapestry of Colours Friday 24th May at around 11:40am before the evening’s screening at the Newry Arts Centre at 7pm. There will be Q&A and music from the wonderful William Dundun and Fergal O’Brien who feature in the film
Londonderry Sentinel Tapestry of Colours – Londonderry Sentinel (5/22/2013) - This article appeared in Londonderry Sentinel just before the screening at the Nerve Centre today.
Incredible review of Banco De Gaia’s album ‘Apollo’ and my vocals (4/10/2013) - Incredible review of Banco De Gaia's album 'Apollo' and my vocals by Gary Parsons for FREQ
Cork Independent Tapestry of colours – Cork Independent (4/7/2013) - Tapestry of Colours crosses the border with a special screening in County Cork, ROI!
Tapestry of Colours in VIEW Magazine Tapestry of Colours – VIEW (3/19/2013) - VIEW digital magazine is the new independent voice for the third sector in Northern Ireland. Brian Pelan interviewed me to find out more about the film and the people who feature.
Tapestry Of Colours Irish News Feb 2013 Tapestry of Colours – Irish News (3/15/2013) - Tapestry of Colours gets a full page, beautifully written feature in the Irish Times!
Tapestry of Colours – Art Take Part (2/24/2013) - Tapestry of Colours Documentary features on Art Take Part
Tapestry of Colours - Culture NI Article Tapestry of Colours – Culture Northern Ireland (2/14/2013) - Tapestry of Colours Documentary features on Culture NI's website!