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We offer Exclusive Experiences of Trainings, Workshops and Film Projects based on the films Tapestry of Colours and Living in the Half Light and their particular themes and approaches to diversity, culture and identity.

With multiple successful public screenings to adults, youth and children, and several director’s Q&As and panel discussions based on it, Tapestry of Colours has been hailed as a ground breaking film, breaking through myths and prejudices with passion and sensitivity, reflecting on the social, economic and emotional effects of the cultural fusion in Northern Ireland.

The 80-minute film, featuring personal accounts by individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, colourful festivals and stunning music brings a strong local angle to a world-wide phenomenon that is replicated in many parts of the world. It has made a significant change in viewers’ hearts and minds by delving into the thoughts and emotions of individuals from different religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds who live in Northern Ireland.



Exclusively offered by ZMN Creative Studio, these trainings and projects aim to inform and educate toward a positive shared society in a changing Northern Ireland and equip the participants with the skills, attitudes and behaviours required to develop mutual understanding and recognition of, and respect for, difference while exploring common grounds.

They are especially suitable for staff development in any organisations in public or private sector as well as Professional Development for teachers and schools including ancillary staff, managers, Boards of Governors, Voluntary Committees, parents and carers, and the surrounding communities in those settings.

The trainings and workshops will also assist in implementing the department of Education’s CRED policy, exploring opportunities to put learning in practice through understanding and appreciation of people from different social, cultural or religious backgrounds.



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Exclusively offered by ZMN Creative Studio, these fun and interactive workshops and projects are especially suitable for Youth groups and Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 pupils in school and those working with this age group (May be possible for younger pupils by arrangement).

For Key Stage 3 & 4 pupils, activities are linked to Local and Global Citizenship and key concepts of Diversity and Inclusion, Human Rights and Social Responsibility, Equality and Social Justice, Democracy and active Participation.

Activities will also assist in implementing the CRED policy, and explore opportunities to put pupils’ learning in practice through the understanding and appreciation of people from different social, cultural or religious backgrounds and develop respecting the rights, equality and diversity of all.

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Zhenia Mahdi-Nau
Zhenia Mahdi-Nau
Director of ZMN Creative Studio

Zhenia Mahdi-Nau is an artist, filmmaker and trainer/facilitator based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is the producer and director of the feature documentary film Tapestry of Colours and the documentary short film Living in the Half Light. She holds a Masters with Distinction in Future Communications, an Honours Degree in Visual Communication, a City & Guild’s Teaching Certificate and a degree in Fashion Design. She has extensive experience in training and facilitation of children, youth and adults in film making and editing, stop-motion animation, digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, AfterEffects, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Final Cut, music production and editing, and visual arts. Zhenia was a senior multimedia trainer and schools programme coordinator for Studio ON Creative Learning Centre in Belfast, from 2008 -2011 and has delivered courses for University of Ulster, Belfast Metropolitan College, OMAC, WEA and SureSkills among others. She also directed the short film Stepping Stones and interviews, depicting issues faced  by separated refugee children and youth within education, for City of Dublin Educational Committee CDVEC which has been disseminated as part of a resource to all schools in the Republic of Ireland in 2012. Her work focuses chiefly on exploring shared humanity in personal stories and furthering understandings and empathy through the arts.




“The delivery was with past experience and passion, Excellent”

“Friendly, non-judgmental approach by course leaders”

“Both trainers were excellent in their presentation and both extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise”

“Very interesting + a great film to watch.  I would be interested now to go and talk to people not from here and experience different cultures”

“Film – a good starting point for discussion – would not change anything”

“It should be compulsory for all … staff”

“Keep up the good work.  Films help others realise what they are going through”

“Both trainers were excellent in presenting the course.  The film was extremely valuable”

“Useful film to be widely circulated”

“Really worthwhile”

“The film was very moving and emotive”

“Really enjoyable”