Tapestry of Colours Online Education Programme

Tapestry of Colours Online EducationThis programme is currently not available.


Endorsed by CCEA: “‘Tapestry of Colours Education’ is an innovative resource which teachers can use when teaching Local and Global Citizenship at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. This resource provides a range of inquiry-based educational and creative activities which support the teaching and learning of key concepts in such as, equality, diversity and inclusion. It provides opportunities for pupils to develop knowledge and skills and to think critically and creatively and challenge stereotypical views about others who are different. It challenges in particular racist and sectarian attitudes and behaviors and offers opportunities to explore the benefits of inclusiveness for individuals and communities and explore actions to promote it.”

Following overwhelming interest by audiences to see the feature documentary film Tapestry of Colours  used as an educational and training tool, we are very excited to launch the interactive online Tapestry of Colours Educational Resource with funding support from DCAL and Northern Ireland Screen. This follows a  very positive pilot programme with 3 schools and a youth group in Northern Ireland.

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The programme is particularly suitable for young people aged 13-18. The content can be of benefit in any learning setting where young people and communities are affected by diversity of any kind and by migrations, in Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK as well as the Republic of Ireland.

This creative resource programme consists of 7 online sessions with specially commissioned edited extracts from the film Tapestry of Colours and newly created educational content around its themes. With fun educational quizzes and digital and traditional creative activities, it explores the themes of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion and broadens the creative vision of young people and educates them to live and participate in a changing world.


The Resource is particularly suitable for Local and Global Citizenship and covers several areas within UK Secondary National Curriculum, Local and Global citizenship taught as part of the non-statutory Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE) subject and within the Republic of Ireland’s, Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE) Junior Certificate course in Citizenship.

It can also assist in the implementation of the NI Department of Education’s Community Relations, Equality and Diversity (CRED) Policy.

It also offers ICT and cross-curricular opportunities ie: Art, Media Studies, MIA, Music, History, Geography, etc. in the creative assignments to do between sessions.

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The programme includes a one-day training course for teachers and facilitators before their delivery of it to young people.

If you would like more information about the programme and possibilities to deliver it, please contact Zhenia Mahdi-Nau at info@zmncreativestudio.co.uk