launch of the Invisible Barriers: Moving Images publication (6/23/2016) - Finally, the Invisible Barriers: Moving Images publication was launched last night, hosted at the beautiful offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Belfast. And it did not disappoint. Really beautifully done. It was great to see some of the people that were part of the project, especially Golden Thread Gallery’s wonderful Ruth Graham who […]
Invisible Barriers: Moving Images Film Festival is almost here! (9/29/2015) - On 9, 10, 11 November 2015, the five films I’ve been making for Draw Down the Walls Invisible Barriers: Moving Images project are being screened as part of the Invisible Barriers: Moving Images Film Festival, presented by Golden Thread Gallery and Belfast Film Festival in unique locations in Belfast, including Harbour Commissioners Office, Hill view […]
Submitted Photographs to Belfast Photo Festival (3/18/2015) - I submitted six of my photographs of last July’s collaboration with the dancer Paula Gizzanti to Belfast Photo Festival competition. Click here to view the them.
Developing a new body of work (7/4/2014) - It was a total delight today to work with a fantastic dancer on a new body of work. Photography, moving image and dance, one of those times when everything goes so smoothly and magic happens! I’m very excited! Can’t wait to start working on the images I produced today and see how things develop.
Meetings with government officials about the Tapestry of Colours Edcuation Programme (6/19/2014) - It's been an extraordinary couple of weeks. I've had 5 meetings in the Northern Ireland Parliament Buildings already!
Meetings with NI Children & Young People’s Commissioner & Minister’s representative (6/9/2014) - Amazingly positive responses last week from Patricia Lewsely, the NI Children and Young People's Commissioner,
Dates set for the Tapestry of Colours Education Programme launch events in May (4/5/2014) - Really excited about the 3 launch events planned next month. The wonderful guys at the Creative Learning Centres have been so supportive and I’m delighted to have the launches at the centres. • 2 May, 1:30 – 3:30pm, AmmA Centre, Markethouse, Armagh • 7 May, 1:30 – 3:30pm, Belfast Nerve, Ulidia Resource Centre, Somerset Street, […]
Fantastic first responses to the educational resource (2/6/2014) - After 17 months of blood, seat and tears, it’s finally ready! We had an amazing introduction and training day today for the teachers delivering the pilot educational programme in the next few months. I am absolutely bowled over with the reactions! Incredibly positive feedback and the teachers fired up to deliver the programme. Things have […]
Second screening of Tapestry of Colours in USA in Washington DC (11/26/2013) - Very happy to have the 2nd US screening of Tapestry of Colours, on Saturday 7 December 2013, in the Capital Irish Film Festival in Washington DC at Goethe Institut Check out the Capital Irish Film Festival site
Development finally starts on the Tapestry of Colours Online Educational Resource (10/31/2013) - After a year of working on this, I am absolutely delighted to finally be able to start developing the Tapestry of Colours Online Educational Resource, thanks to DCAL and Northern Ireland Screen. Got an amazing team in place. And we’ll have a pilot programme with a number of schools and youth groups before launching it […]
Tapestry of Colours to screen in Seattle, USA (10/2/2013) - We are thrilled to have the first screening of Tapestry of Colours in the USA at the Irish Reels Films Festival in Seattle.
Brilliant panel discussion at Belfast Media Festival (9/14/2013) - This was such an interesting session to be in with other panel members are Susan Lovell, Head of Commissioning, BBC NI, Suzie Wright, Media Project Manager, Channel 4, Channel 4 and Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams, Head of Diversity, PACT and Kate O’Connor, Deputy Chief Executive, Creative Skillset. Great to start the session with the trailer of my […]
Official site for Grant Wakefield’s ANCIENT SKIES & REMNANTS film projects now live (8/31/2013) - What an absolute privilege to have been a part of this incredible film project, a genuine work of art and a true labour of love by the brilliant and visionary director Grant Wakefield.
My Culture TECH Festival blog (8/29/2013) - Things are nicely hotting up for the Culture Tech screening on 12 September, 7pm. The venue has had to be changed to the Nerve Centre in Derry but all set to be a nice lead to the panel session at the Belfast Media Festival the next morning. Only too happy to write a blog for […]
BMF 2013 Tapestry of Colours trailer to kick-start panel session at Belfast Media Festival 2013 (8/14/2013) - I've been excited for ages that there will be a panel session about Diversity in the Creative Industries at the next Belfast Media Festival that I'll be a part of which will use the trailer of the film to kick-start the discussion.
Tapestry of Colours to be screened at 2013 Culture Tech Festival (6/18/2013) - Tapestry of Colours to be Screened at 2013 Culture Tech Festival
After 11 more screenings of Tapestry of Colours in a row…. (5/27/2013) - I can't even begin to say how I feel after the 11 screenings and Q&As of Tapestry of Colours. After 11 more screenings in a row....
Tapestry of Colours poster Ministers to host event to screen Tapestry of Colours in the NI Parliament Buildings (5/1/2013) - Tapestry of Colours screening at Stormont
Incredible review of Banco De Gaia’s album ‘Apollo’ and my vocals (4/10/2013) - Incredible review of Banco De Gaia's album 'Apollo' and my vocals by Gary Parsons for FREQ
Banco De Gaia - Apollo album Today the new Banco De Gaia album is on sale (4/8/2013) - Apollo is now out for sale
Tapestry of Colours (2/26/2013) - 'Tapestry of Colours' is an emotive 80 minute feature documentary directed by Zhenia Mahdi-Nau, which explores the fusion of cultures in Northern Ireland.