Incredible review of Banco De Gaia’s album ‘Apollo’ and my vocals


It pretty much blew my mind reading this review on FREQ by Gary Parsons and such kind words about my vocals too:

“The album opens with “Lamentations” – soaring string-sounding synths build up beneath a beautiful vocal from Zhenia Mahdi-Nau, and the sound here is very reminiscent of Dead Can Dance as it conjures up the images of the ancient pagan temples clinging close to the cliff edges on Greek islands. Whether this is a lamentation to the crumbling state of these monuments or a lament for the rituals of old matters not, it is a powerful opener and one that casts a spell over the album…..“Acquiescence” closes the album, its breathless vocal chant bringing us back to the ancient temples where the sun is now setting casting deep its darkness until the stars begin to appear in the sky above like a shining carpet. Keyboards swell underneath an impassioned voice and we are left in its mood of sombre quiet as the music drifts off into the aether.

The album seems to tell a story (although it is certainly not a concept album) and bookended by two graceful tracks give the sense of the beginning and end of a journey. Was the album worth the seven year wait? I, for one, certainly think so.”

Click here to hear Lamentations

Click here to hear Acquiescence

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