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Planning my second practice

Maeve is very engaged and enthusiastic to collaborate together again. We both feel very at ease to work and collaborate on some creative experiments. I would like our collaboration to be much more intimate during filming, not as two separate art forms, but as a single ‘entangled’ ‘enkinaesthetic’ practice.

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My bias/perspective: My own creative experiences, values and aspirations are the primary tools to make sense of my findings. The research is by nature subjective, as are peak and flow experiences. I think this is the right approach to fully engage and understand the phenomena and present the findings.

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Setting up for editing


Huge relief!

I had accidentally set my camera to 1080i instead of 1080p and all the footage is interlaced. I spent several apprehensive and frustrating hours over a few days researching and experimenting with ways to de-interlace my footage in Premier and Media encoder. Media Encoder gave better results. There is some loss of quality but not huge.

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