Maeve’s reflections after filming at White Park Bay

These reflection were written by Maeve as soon as I dropped her back home, around an hour after filming.

26/12/2023 White Park Bay ‘PLAY’

Third Line: Thresholds

Coastal setting gave immediate and fully sensory experience of threshold.

To me, ab open doorway to the rest of the world, see the horizon, a natural threshold, a visual third line yet, to me, unquantifiable, infinite and forever beyond.

Dancers // Environment // Capturing

(Both of us)

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Questions of what is my threshold, what is my point of needing to go beyond + when to turn back?

Feeling – physical Emotional – Restrain or respond

Hands →

  • the water felt smooth
  • the rocket felt jagged + smooth
  • the reed felt tight
  • the plastic felt familiar but looked unfamiliar

  • abstracted images, in raw film state, brought most intrigue + feeling
  • drew a line in my body to dull senses in order to focus, “If I only think from sleeve → fingers then I can cancel out feeling of stillness in rest of body as well as minimise cold sensations.


  • time to get to know one another’s body
  • face to rock + began to feel more contact at one and less of an intruder
  • slight feeling of ‘stepping out’ as was aware of feet not being able to grip due to cold.
  • held
  • not concerned with anyone outside the cocoon
  • human hands exploring human impact on natural material


  • frustration at not being able to articulate them as I usually do or would like to. Temperature aspect
  • decision to dig rather than float, to use natural thresholds to help hold me
  • tears as cannot move freely
  • channel into determination
  • restrictions + designs to surrender mind

✴ Hostility + Beauty of Nature

✴ Started ON but always felt more at ease IN:

  • Submerge hand under water
  • burrow into rock face as much as possible
  • Dig under sand