AchillLandscapes, the people who roam upon it, the objects that lie within. A collection of pictures which encourages you – the viewer – to find your own meaning, story and interpretation. What thoughts, emotions or ideas are stirred up in your mind when you look? Everything again has its own beauty and everything has a story – photographs are just one still moment of that whole story. There’s a before and an after. There’s a time, a place, caught, captured, frozen. It’s important to visually collect our stories and moments if only for reflection or to remind us of how it is…or was…


Abstracts / Architecture / Documenting People / Music & Shows / Nature / Objects

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Visual Arts

Lamentations Test IIIA collection of works which explore life. Human interaction, emotions, fragility. How we are affected by our surroundings, how we are shaped by them, how we are affected and evolve because of them. The same can be said about one another. How do we adapt to other people including ourselves? There are slivers of a journey into understanding – a quest for knowledge – for meaning, purpose and possibly accepting that there may be no answers. Overall the beauty around us. There is beauty in everything – it’s just a matter of allowing ourselves to see it and appreciate it.


Digital Arts / Illustration / Paintings

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I have recorded improvisational vocals for film sound tracks like ‘Monkey Love’ by Doubleband 2006, ‘Pump Girl’ Dir. Carol Moore 2009. I worked with the celebrated Banco De Gaia on original tracks for the full dome English documentary film ‘Ancient Skies’ 2012, Dir. Grant Wakefield. Two of these tracks, Acquiescence and Lamentations feature in the 2013 Banco De Gaia album ‘Apollo’.

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