ToC Audience Reactions

Tapestry of Colours – Media and Public Sector Responses in Northern Ireland:

I thought it was excellent: thoughtful and thought-provoking while reflecting a whole range of
human emotions. – Susan Lovell, Director of programming BBCNI

Very well researched and comprehensive in its approach…well shot and well-
constructed…found it fascinating. – Michael Wilson, managing director of UTV

A wonderfully inspiring and most enjoyable film. What a fabulous piece of art! – Arthur
Webb, Belfast Education and Library Board

Through telling of individual stories this film reflected a degree of diversity which caused me to think again on some of the issues. Gave space to hear myths also and answered some of these. – Paul Noonam, The Equality Commission, NI

Beautifully shot, poignant, moving and also quite challenging. – Karen McFarlane, BCDA

What a fantastic piece of work. I have to say I was taken aback at just how challenging,
professional, interesting and slick the film was. – Mags Byrne, Dance United NI

Tapestry of Colours – 30 April 2013 – Cushendall, Northern Ireland:

I’d like to watch it again. Presented a wide variety of views – didn’t dodge any issues. -Liz Weir

Culture is not set in stone or finite. People make the culture (dynamic): light bulb statement/concept for me. – Stephen O’Loan

A very interesting resource – As a teacher I recommend that it is released into the education system especially into post primary schools. -Jackie Kocaturk

It will be nice for this to be shown in national TV as part of culture documentary in Northern Ireland.- Roshni Black

Tapestry of Colours  – 21 March 2013  – Cork, Ireland:

I liked the lightness of the authorial voice – that people felt able to tell their own stories and that that trust – which is central to the film – was engendered.- Carole Anne Floyed

It is an eye-opening look at people who are labelled by others based on their nationality. I enjoyed how personal the stories were. -Eoin Falvin

It made me think about important issues I would usually overlook.- Ian Hurley

I found it different from everything else about N. Ireland.- Declan Lynett

Tapestry of Colours – 20 March 2013 – Braid Arts Centre, Ballymena Northern Ireland:

Very interesting, I think this film should be shown in schools. I believe lots of the
discrimination comes from Ignorance!” -Vanden Broech

Gives a good insight to people who have a negative attitude to other cultures. Would be
good for schools and youth groups. – Mary McPoland

Great film-Good resource to use in schools-training for teachers to teach citizenship. –
Alistair Donaghy, ATL

Tapestry of Colours  – 18 March 2013 –  Holywood, Northern Ireland:

I feel Northern Ireland needs more of this to take ‘our focus’ off ourselves (each other) and learn to embrace the rest of the world. -Mari Jackson

Very thought provoking and moving. It didn’t feel like 80 minutes – The audience was completely engaged and listening throughout. This should be shown to a wide audience – especially as our society continues to change and become more diverse. It’s a beautiful film and loved the music too. -Anne Daley

Very uplifting. I feel this is a poignant film and needs to be seen. This is the right time. It’s educational, fluid, wonderful to watch. I feel happy! -Rachy Sinnamon

Tapestry of Colours – 14 March 2013 – Magheraflet, Northern Ireland:

The film is very inspiring and needs to reach out to the young people of society today.- Clare Martin

A lovely bit of work -Nigel Kavanagh

Tapestry of Colours – 27 February 2013 – Strule Arts Centre, Omagh, Northern Ireland:

This film speaks from heart. Thank you very much! – Eva Galmabos

An excellent educational tool for the youth of today – (+ also adults – as being the ones with the lingering prejudices!) – Tom Bradley, South West Regional Collage

Was greatly impressed with the film’s content and its positiveness. – Malcolm Lake

Tapestry of Colours – 26 February 2013 – Moyle, Northern Ireland:

Zhenia thank you so much for bringing your talents to N. Ireland and helping our country more positively into the global future. – Dee Larson

Film (Tapestry of Colours) should be shown to young groups at an impressionable age. Hopefully will lead to a better and more understanding future. -Alan Summers