Tapestry of Colours

‘Tapestry of Colours’ is an emotive 80 minute feature documentary directed by Zhenia Mahdi-Nau, which explores the fusion of cultures in Northern Ireland.

It features personal and moving interviews with individuals from the two traditional cultures in Northern Ireland and those who have arrived from various parts of the world, set against colourful and unusual festivals with a strong emphasis on music.

The film poses several questions on perceptions and attitudes about identity and culture but ultimately leaves the viewer engaged and inspired.

Funded by NICRC Media Fund Scheme and ZMN Creative Studio


Some of the responses to ‘Tapestry of Colours’ at its preview in the Lyric Theatre in Belfast:

“…a wonderfully inspiring and most enjoyable film. What a fabulous piece of art!”

“…beautifully shot, poignant, moving and also quite challenging.”

“…what a fantastic piece of work… I was taken aback at just how challenging, professional, interesting and slick the film was.”

“…The colour, humour and music all made for a really enjoyable film to watch.”

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