Meetings with government officials about the Tapestry of Colours Edcuation Programme

It’s been an extraordinary couple of weeks. I’ve had 5 meetings in the Northern Ireland Parliament Buildings already! I’ve been presenting the Tapestry of Colours Education Programme to representatives of various Committees at NI Assembly and other MLAs and there are more to be arranged as they want me to present to their Committees and others interested people who could help make it accessible to young people.

As a non-political creature, I can’t help finding myself having all these very positive meetings about my work with politicians, somewhat amusing! I have been pleasantly surprised by how genuine some of them are.

I had to laugh today, thinking of myself sitting between the leader of one of the main political parties here and another official, while showing them my presentation on my laptop, and telling them ‘let’s cozy up’ so they can see better! And they tell me we have 30 minutes, and I leave shaking hands after an hour! And this was one of the shorter ones!

Sometimes, you only get one chance in life to be who you are and give it all you have.

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