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Tapestry of Colours crosses the border with a special screening in County Cork, ROI!

Cork IndependentThe feedback was incredibly generous and news about the screening managed to get featured in 2 papers!

Cork Independent

“An artistic film that deals with the turbulent lifestyle of Northern Ireland is being showcased at St John’s College Lecture Theatre Thursday 21 March as part of Cork’s Life Long Learning Festival.

Tapestry Of Colours, created by artist, photographer and film maker Zhenia Mahdi Nau, explores the perception of identity in Northern Ireland as it becomes progressively diverse and is being shown for the first time here in Cork.

Zhenia, who was born in Iran but has lived in Northern Ireland for the past 20 years used her creative and artistic skills to direct and produce this memorable and groundbreaking piece of work.

The film brings to the surface the fact that despite differing beliefs and practices of cultures the fundamental qualities are human stories which bypass geography, race, beliefs and culture.

The story of the film centres on this sentiment and follows the quest to find out who you are and to have a sense of belonging that helps us contribute positively to the society we live in.

This thought provoking and poignant piece of cinematography will be shown for the first time in Cork this Thursday at St John’s College Lecture Theatre at 1.30pm”

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“I liked the lightness of the authorial voice – that people felt able to tell their own stories and that that trust – which is central to the film – was engendered.”
Carole Anne Floyed

“Really great and honest.”
Clare McDyre

“Very thought provoking, moving and it causes a desire to get out and become more inclusive and learn about other people + cultures.”
Ara Devine

“It is an eye-opening look at people who are labelled by others based on their nationality. I enjoyed how personal the stories were.”
Eoin Falvin

“Made me think about important issues I would usually overlook.”
Ian Hurley

“I found it different from everything else about N. Ireland.”
Declan Lynett