Tapestry of Colours – VIEW

Tapestry of Colours in VIEW MagazineVIEW digital magazine is the new independent voice for the third sector in Northern Ireland. Brian Pelan interviewed me to find out more about the film and the people who feature. The following is an excerpt from the interview…

Director Zhenia Mahdi-Mau, who made the film with financial assistance from the Community Relations Council, is adamant that Tapestry of Colours is not about ethnic minorities.

“It is about me as an artist observing the world as I look at it. Northern Ireland, where I live at the moment, is made up of so many different colours and cultures. In essence, I am interested in how an individual looks at their own identity. It’s not about ethnicity, it’s about human stories. I was very driven about let’s see what happens and where it takes you. Basically I wanted to see what happened when I put the question to each individual. ‘How do you see yourself, what is your culture?'”

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