Setting up for editing


Huge relief!

I had accidentally set my camera to 1080i instead of 1080p and all the footage is interlaced. I spent several apprehensive and frustrating hours over a few days researching and experimenting with ways to de-interlace my footage in Premier and Media encoder. Media Encoder gave better results. There is some loss of quality but not huge.

I experimented exporting raw footage with various ProRex 422 and 4444 codec settings and in the end settled for the lower size 422 as I couldn’t see any difference when I compared footage on large screen.

I’m disappointed, frustrated, the quality of the footage in Riddle’s is not as good as I’d hoped. The lighting not strong enough, the footage is grainy. I’ll have to find a way to work with it.


I’m trying to get my head around Premier Pro, I haven’t worked with it for years. My FinalCut Pro on my iMac is too old, I’ll have to update my training in Premier.

All the footage now converted to ProRes and ready to edit.

I have ordered a large monitor to connect to my MacBook with Premier Pro, so it’ll be a lot easier and familiar to edit.

Feeling very apprehensive and hesitant about editing. Worried about the footage being any good. Will I feel immersed, in the zone?


The monitor arrived and seems OK.

I’ve been playing with filters in Premier Pro on a small clip, it’s beginning to look much stronger, Unsharp Mask, Black and White, even Colour. More drama, lifting the bodies and sense of suspense created. Maybe I can find a way to achieve a sense of the presence during filming, the absorption

I feel cautiously excited! An inward smile!


I’m really intrigued by and drawn to Deleuze’s ‘third line’, ‘the dancer’s soul’.

The drawn line can be a metaphor, animated drawn line, outlining the body of the dancer at times, its movements, fading in and out, like a ghost, a shadow of the internal experience of dance.

I’m getting more excited!


After a week of updating my Premier Pro skills, I feel much more confident and ready to start editing. I’ll start working on one filming session at a time.

I’m going to explore making some clips more ethereal, give an otherworldly feel.

I’m listening to Sigur Ros’s Voltari as I edit, it helps me feel more emotionally aligned with the process. the footage feels more fluid, it flows with the sound, my mind marries what I see and hear as I make In/Out points and create sub-clips.

1- Make sub-clips

2- Experiment with enhancing, colour grading, effects and lumetirs to lift the footage

3-Screen record lumetri scopes and experiment with compositing them to enhance the ethereal feel

I need to reduce the grain/noise on the footage