Zhenia Mahdi-NauI’m an artist and filmmaker currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. My work often delves into my interests in film and photography, painting and illustration, fashion, digital arts and motion graphics.

I was born in Iran and left after primary school to live in London. I studied fashion in Epsom School of Art and began to delve into figurative painting and illustration.

I worked for MaxMara in Italy as a freelance fashion designer for 10 years until 2009.

I returned to studying while in Northern Ireland and completed a degree in Visual Communication and then my Masters in Future Communications at University of Ulster.

I have done extensive work in managing projects and training and facilitation of children, youth and adults in digital arts and film making to music and visual arts.  I’ve done this both as a freelance artist and tutor for clients such as Ulster University, OMAC, Connecting Cultures, Beyond Skin, WEA and SureSkills, as  a full-time senior multimedia trainer and schools programme coordinator for Studio ON, Belfast  from 2008 -2011 and as director and project manager of Tapestry of Colours creative and educational projects.

In recent years I have been exploring emotive documentaries with a particular emphasise on personal stories including my feature film Tapestry of Colours which was made into a creative interactive educational resource for post-primary schools and young people and 10 minute short ‘Living in the Half Light’ as well as short films for City of Dublin Educational CDVEC and NI Hospice.

I have a strong interest in fine-art photography which I am developing into a new body of work. I am also very interested in documentary style photography.

I have also recorded improvisational vocals for film sound tracks like ‘Monkey Love’ by Doubleband 2006, ‘Pump Girl’ Dir. Carol Moore 2009 and most recently the full dome English documentary film ‘Ancient Skies’ 2012, Dir. Grant Wakefield.

I love finding and capturing the extraordinary in ordinary things, people and places.